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Anisa Azizah

Innovator, Founder & CEO

Material building innovation startup


"To be 100% present, understand your emotions, and embody the energy in your body, are some of the things I learned from Jenn.


She was with me when the company changed. She always makes sure that the company doesn't define you.

Being an entrepreneur is a part of you, you have a whole self that is just as important.

I worked on my self-awareness with Jenn, I now listen to my feelings or what my body says about something.


Previously I thought being objective was key, so when running my business, I thought everything should be based on data. But now I realise that I should listen to my body and what it’s trying to tell me. When I don’t feel good about something, I try to listen to this more. I now look at other data or information to support the decision I’m needing to make. I’m taking more pauses and looking at decisions from different angles.

I feel I developed personally; Jenn helps me think of myself as a whole being. For example, I wanted to strengthen my confidence and Jenn really helped me to work on that, and when we got to the UK, I put what I had learnt with Jenn into practice and pushed myself. I really noticed the difference in myself.

This self-awareness really helped me to manage the merging of my company with another one. My increase in confidence and self-awareness helped me to trust myself – I felt more able to take the chance and go for it. I don’t need to keep asking people for reassurance because I realised, I’ve got this!

Every session with Jenn is always a lovely one. We could talk for an hour and more, and I think most of the time we don't even talk business, don't we Jenn? Haha, the well-being of entrepreneurs is one super important thing that we should never forget."

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