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Anne-Laure Meynier
Investment Director
Healthcare Private Equity
United Kingdom

"It was the perfect time to start coaching with Jennifer @LET it HAPPEN as I am slowly transitioning and developing from Director into Junior Partner, as a hopefully next stage of career development.

I was struggling with the volume of work; prioritising and being able to take a step back and have more impact day-to-day to develop into the future partner I would like to be.

Coaching helped me break down the daunting wider objective into smaller session objectives and identify lessons/tools I was already using and could improve or I could put in place that would help me work towards new habits and new routines to work towards my objective. 


Jennifer's coaching style is great in that it includes some more practical exercises that help greatly in situations setting/role plays which worked really well for me; she also has a way to effectively summarise where we are and how discussions have moved us forward even if the number of topics touched upon have been numerous, which I found extremely helpful. 


Her way to follow-up between sessions and with practical exercises is extremely effective and worked very well for busy professionals; she is very organised which also makes it great to work with her!

At some point, I had a "aha" moment and it was during the 3rd session I did with Jennifer, when I realised I had the resource or the ability within the existing work setting to make the adjustments that would make me feel better and more confident I could rise above the amount of work to take a more strategic approach to my own development. 


As a result of my coaching sessions, I managed to implement some of the tools we identified and this has helped me a lot. I also still have some trial and testing to do in the short term which is exciting.

Not only did interaction with Jenn re-energised me into my role and the way I approach my responsibilities but it was very impactful to build from my strengths and what I already have as successful habits in my role.

I would recommend coaching with Jennifer to Senior executive / busy C-Suite officers. I think she is excellent with middle level executives willing to progress to the next level and feeling squeezed and struggling with identifying how to best progress into the next level.

I think feeling stuck at work or in a situation is frustrating and having someone like Jenn to talk to, someone external to the situation and the industry is really helpful as she helps look at things with hindsight, break the problem down and identify practical tools or anchors that would work for that particular situation/for the person she is dealing with, and that helped me greatly.


Try working with Jennifer, have an initial chat and you will be converted, she is a brilliant coach; she has such a positive and solution focused approach that I am sure you will find she can help you as she did with me."