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My Long Story 'Short'

A bit of my professional path

Hi! I'm Jenn, a colorful high vibe optimist who's on a mission to help extraordinary humans get the clarity, confidence and inspiration they need to start taking action towards a (work) life aligned with who they're and that makes them happy.


I want to inspire and help you become the person you want to be.


You can think of me as an intuitive free spirit that never settles for less than her dreams. And one of them was to have my own business to live the lifestyle I wanted!


The only thing though is that I had no idea what I could do. The journey to get my answers has been quite an extensive period of explorations and experimentations. 

My background of the last 10 years is in international sales business to business. I worked in more than 8 different industries from startups to world leading multinationals in different roles and countries. Consumer goods, luxury, beauty and action sports are environments I experienced, just to name a few.


It gave me a solid understanding of how businesses work and also made me discover what I did and did not want for sure but I still didn't know what was THE thing for me. 


For years, I desperately tried to fit in, find my place, put a circle in a triangle.

I was spending evenings meditating what I should do with my life and mornings craving to get the answers when on the overcrowded tubes heading to my corporate job in the big competitive and hectic London city.


Believe me, I know how it feels like to be:

  • LOST on questions such as "what should I do next?", "What's best for me?", "What if I take the wrong direction?".

  • STUCK in your head wondering how the heck you can use your skills, experience and personality doing something you love that fits the lifestyle you want (and have an impact!).

  • CONFUSED about where to start and which steps to actually take to gain clarity.

  • ALONE asking yourself if this is really it? If you're right to believe you are meant for more.

  • CRAVING help and support. Someone that can guide you along the process.


Right now, I'm where I want to be in my life; a life with more meaning where I feel more happy, free and excited than ever before. 

So how did I get to where I'm today?


Back in September 2018, I felt I had  enough experience in the corporate world and that I was finally ready to get started with my own business. I just had no F*** clue how, what, where and when it was going to be, I just knew it was time to start the process.


The initial idea was to begin it alongside a full time job but little did I know that the universe had other plans for me ;) In the 6 months that followed, I negotiated 2 new contracts which were dramatically terminated. One with the company I was currently in, I signed it and the next day around half of the company was made redundant, myself included. 


Then, I signed a new really good contract for a job and company that really excited me big time. Contract signed, happy Jenn, and a few days later contract canceled with no reasons given. I cried like a baby for hours. Not because I was left high and dry as I stopped looking for a job weeks ago but because I was so sick of the accumulated disappointments in my professional life. Why was it so hard to fit in? Why so many roadblocks and ups and downs? 


A life changing decision came early April of 2019, I was sending a CV to yet another company and nothing made sense anymore. Something had to change, I was done with this ball in my stomach of frustration. My only certainty at that point was that I could not be an employee anymore (I tried very hard for years), this phase was over. 


Now, here I am!


I took the challenge, risk, leap of faith to believe in myself and life enough to jump into the unknown with no backup plan. My business is my key to the freedom I have wanted all my life; be free to be who I am, use my full potential, work from wherever, whenever, have the role I want. 


It then made sense to me that life prepared me all along for this moment. 


My intention is to inspire and help YOU do the same. Be the person and the entrepreneur you want to be in a life that is 100% you.


If I could do it SO CAN YOU.


My process of knowing what business I wanted to build has been nothing short of a deep inner quest and series of actions, many questions, many hours wondering but I got there and it's so worth it. I was craving support, guidance, solutions and ANSWERS but let me tell you that there're all here and sometimes the only thing we need is someone to help us see them.


I can help you get your answers, achieve your goals faster than you might on your own. I feel your challenges and I can tell you the process can be empowering and fun, not scary and lonely. 


I have trained myself to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. My positive outlook on life always takes the best of every situation and I can help you see what you can’t.

After many years of personal studies and experimentations in my own life, I'm here to use my experience, skills, knowledge to serve, inspire and impact positively extraordinary humans like you through connection to the power we all have within and action.

You're here for a reason and if you have this burning desire inside of you, it's now time to take the first step. It all starts with a conscious decision.


A Bit of my more personal path

At an early age, I understood the meaning of hard work, discipline and resilience when I practiced Artistic Gymnastics for 12 years at a semi pro level.


For all these years, I just kept going without asking myself if this was really what I wanted, even though I wasn't really happy, I wasn't really “fitting” in.


Now, looking back, I can see that I wasn't listening to my full self at all which ended up with me at 18 years old having no clue who I really was or what I really wanted. 

I just knew I was not kind with myself (in my head), I was having a very hard time accepting happiness in my life but at this point I had no idea of the power of the mind just yet. Ah dear MINDSET!!


That being said, on the outside, I seemed to have a lot of confidence, always gave the impression to know where I was heading with a sense of ease but this couldn't have been further from reality.


Yes, I've always been an enthusiastic person constantly smiling as this is my true nature (and I love this) but the truth is that inside myself it was a constant battle with my mind.


My resilience, courage and strong desire to be fully myself and be happy since an early age kept me going and gave me the strength to follow my dreams.

A life changing moment was my choice to live in Australia. New country, new lifestyle, nothing that I could compare to, therefore all new things and my own choices.


This process helped me discover a bit more about me but yet my mind was my worst enemy with so many limiting beliefs that were often ruining the present moments and good times.


When back in Switzerland heart broken, I started my personal development journey.


A few years later, I moved to London to another life changing experience. I thought I was FINALLY on the "right" path, but life had other plans for me. I still needed to learn a few things to get full prepared for where I'm now!

A bit of facts (if you don't have enough)

When I'm not trying to help and inspire like minded amazing souls like you find their own formula for fulfilment, I'm traveling the world and enjoying the rooftops and parks in the one and only London.

  • I'm Swiss and Spanish

  • I'm a trained and qualified executive coach

  • I did 12 years of artistic gymnastics at semi pro level but the truth is I'm not really an athletic (yep!)

  • Changed jobs 6 times in the last 10 years (did I say I’m an explorer!?)

  • I speak French, Spanish and English fluently

  • My journey of self-development started a decade ago. I was just back from living in Australia and my ex boyfriend totally broke my heart (you see, there's positive in everything!)

  • I used to be super mega shy (there's hope for everything)

  • I used to never really wear black (before moving to London. Ah London!)

  • Personality type ENFP- T (The Campaigner)

We're all the students and the teachers everyday of our lives and I'm so glad you're here!


I'm very proud that you're looking for the next step to make your dreams come true. Action is power and you've started the process already. Bravo!


If all of the above resonate with you and you're READY to take the ride towards building your dream business, I would be happy to connect with you and see if we could be a good fit to start this exciting journey together.


Click on the button to book a 1h discovery session free of charge.


Believe in yourself, to your success!


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