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FREE Masterclass

24th, 25th, 26th January at 6pm (UK) / 19h (CEST)

Do you want more

Joy, Freedom and Abundance?

3 dates to learn how to BE

LEADER of your Self, Life & Business

Why is it so important to be the Leader of

Yourself, Life & Business?


Being the person you want to be, creating the life(style) you want to live, having the luxury to be fully yourself and to use it to serve yourself and the world best requires you to take the leadership on all levels on a daily basis.


It’s time for you to connect at a deeper level with confidence and to take your place in your life and with your business.


Don’t worry it can be fun and empowering rather than stressful and daunting 😉

It's FOR you if:

👉🏻 you are a motivated and open minded soul who wants to know, understand, learn how to create more happiness, freedom and abundance in your life and business

👉🏻 want to change something because you are not where you want to be with your life and/or business

👉🏻 are tired of struggling with stress, overwhelm, confusion, comparison which block you and make you suffer

👉🏻 You want to feel empowered so that you’re inspired to take action

Is that you?

Do you want to learn how to:

✔️ be so secure inside that all external things don’t have the power to rule your life anymore

✔️ shift perspectives so that you can drive your life/business for more aligned results 

✔️ uncover your power so that you can take your place 

✔️ create more satisfaction, abundance and  impact

Is that you?

We all deserve to feel and be secure happy and abundant.


You have the power and birthright to live a life that makes you feel good and proud.


You have the power to create and build a successful business that has meaning, makes money and gives you more freedom.

I'm going to share with you where to start and what truly matters.


💞Free to BE and making it a strength in your life and for your business

💞Free to CHOOSE without limiting yourself

💞Free to CREATE with all your potential


Step into your power now and take the lead, not the other way around.


Don’t miss it, subscribe now.


See you soon!!

Believe in yourself, to your success!




With Jennifer Herren,
Trilingual Qualified Coach, 
Founder of LET it HAPPEN.

Hi, I’m Jenn! Swiss and Spanish and currently based in London but not for long anymore ;)


Over the past 15 years, I have held various positions in startups and leading multinationals, mainly in international sales (B2B).


After years of frustration in the corporate world, I started my own business for (mainly) more freedom, abundance, meaning and happiness.

I've a journey of a lot of changes and transitions. I'm a born entrepreneur and passionate individual about personal development.

I help entrepreneurial souls to free themselves so that they can have more joy, confidence, prosperity, impact and FREEDOM on all levels in their life and business.

I want to join the Masterclass,
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24th, 25th, 26th January at 6pm (UK) / 19h (CEST)
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