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Leadership & Harmony

The Confident Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can sometimes be lonely and most of the time a roller coaster of emotions.

You’re a person whose role matters and you work hard to be the best leader you can be to have a positive impact in your business so that you can be proud and successful.

From the outside you seem to to be confident, assertive and calm.

But on the inside you're craving for more ownership, support and clarity.

Unsatisfied right now, you need a change in how you could approach your role and keep developing your leaderships skills for more confidence, impact and well-being.

Do any of the below sound like you?

  • You feel you always need to be on top of your game (poker face), you actually want to but sometimes work overload, doubts and pressure are taking the best out of you.

  • You love your job and your business but you wish you could just have more support and time to think pro-actively with a clear mind rather than reactively.

  • You want to own the entrepreneur that you're but you need help building on your strengths and tackle self-doubt.


  • Your business is very important but you realise that your balance too. You want more time for your personal life.

  • You wish you had more feedback, a sounding board to brainstorm and offload, gain clarity and/or reset in a safe place without judgments. 

What about having the impact you want in the world with your business by knowing yourself better? 

Either you can’t seem to get out of your head, your do's list is never ending and you keep wondering how you could leverage and used your skills best for maximum performance, confidence and balance.


Or you want more support, someone to help you cut through the noise and limiting beliefs. Someone helping you see things from a different angle.

You definitely want to hold everything together and wonder if you could ever take some time off in your schedule for coaching but deep down you know that getting time for yourself with a coach to focus on your personal and professional growth would be game changer.

Last but not least, sometimes overcoming imposter syndrome is so exhausting that you want to gain and build that self-confidence in your tole for once and for all. Owning that CEO mindset to be the the best version of the entrepreneur that you can be.

The Confident Entrepreneur

Bespoke coaching that is all about recognising and unlocking your inner powerhelping you gain awareness on how you can use your skills, time, mind, role to serve yourself, your business and the world best.

What entrepreneur and leader do you want to be?

I can help you get to the heart of what truly matters for you, I can help you make the changes required so that you can lead your business and life with harmony.

​While every 1:1 Private Coaching is different and really tailored to your needs, here is an overview of what we can cover together (packages available 3 months, 6 months and 1 year) :​

  • Clarity on your vision: your core values, your priorities, the entrepreneur you want to be making sure it's aligned with your business and personal goals.

  • Identifying what your strengths and uniqueness are: what are the positives in place and how to leverage these to your advantage.​

  • Increasing awareness: limiting beliefs can create insecurity, self-doubt and/or confusion. Let's find ways to overcome them.

  • Developing your personal brand: more assertiveness and self-confidence to own the CEO that you want to be.

  • Developing mindfulness in your role for more wellbeing.

  • Developing a strategy and an action plan.

My bespoke coaching will equip you with a tailor-made plan of next steps and actions to move closer to your goals.

This is for you if:


  • You've a strong desire to develop yourself and be the best leader you can be.

  • You're ready to commit to take time and consistent actions to make changes.

  • You want a shift of mindset and you're ready to stop messing around with excuses


  • You want support, feedback and accountability. I'll be your teammate and coach.

  • You're open to explore and willing to get challenged.

This is not for you if:

  • You're looking for a magic instant solution to make changes (sorry this is not how life works).

  • You're just looking for someone to tell you what to do, hoping for the best (sorry again but this isn't me. Coaching is about helping you get YOUR answers. Also, I strongly believe a key to success is taking responsibility for your life. My job is to make sure you realise how powerful you're so that you can take ownership of your life).​


  • You think you already know everything and aren't willing to re-visit some ways of working and behaving.​

What’s included:

Here’s what you’ll get when you invest in The Confident Entrepreneur package:

  • 6x, 10x or 20x 1 hour-long private coaching calls (via video conference) so you’re not doing any of this alone. We'll dive deep into who you're, what you want and work on what's blocking you so that you can achieve your goals.

  • Pre call worksheet so that you can come into our calls super ready to work, and so that I can make sure I'm on track with your journey too.

  • Post call worksheet so that we're aligned and you're clear on the task we set together to do in between sessions.

  • Personalised actionable goals to complete after each 1:1 coaching session so that you can move faster towards your goals.

  • My undivided focus, bespoke resources and knowledge just for your needs.



Unlimited access to me from Monday to Friday via emails so that you get full support for the length of our work together. Your success is my success!

How it works:


Process: During the discovery call, we evaluate the number of sessions needed depending on the objective(s). Once we've decided to work together, we’ll plan our first coaching session.


The full process will be explained on the discovery call for complete clarity. 

Investment: I would like to speak with you and understand your context, your situation and what you're looking for, and together agree on a price for coaching.

Bonus: 1x session 1 hour-long extra when you book within 24h after our discovery call.

Payment plan available: 3 monthly instalments

Are you ready?

What to expect after applying:


Your application form will be sent to me to make sure I can meet you where you're at.


I'll be in contact with you shortly.

Believe in yourself, to your success!


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