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  • I'm nervous about investing this amount of money. Is it worth it?
    This is entirely dependent on your evaluation of the investment you make and how much you value your personal growth and objectives. I would recommend asking yourself these questions: If I get the transformation I need (if I achieve the goal I want), is this price worth it? What is the value I will get compared to my investment? Remember: Nothing changes if nothing changes.
  • I’ve already worked with someone else on my goals and didn’t get anywhere, how is this different?"
    Ok, I get it. This is disappointing. Every coach/person has their own style, competencies, tools and approach. This is why I would recommend that you check out my website and my work to see first if you connect with me, what I say and if you believe I can help you. Then, a discovery call is where we can get to know each other and where you can ask me any questions you may have if you still have some doubts.
  • What if I don’t have the time?
    I'm pretty unapologetic with this kind of excuse. If you think you don't have time, we might not be a good fit to work together. I believe that when we truly want something, we always find/make the time to get it. I would recommend asking yourself these questions: Do you really want to make a change in your life? What's the story in your head behind the lack of time?
  • Will coaching work for me?
    Coaching works for everybody as long as you've a goal, you're open and committed to put on the work. Coaching is an art and transforms lives beautifully when done well. It's a partnership between you and me with the only focus to get you where you want to go faster than you would on your own. You can expect a partnership, challenging questions, accountability and support.
  • Do you have group coaching?
    Not yet. At the moment I focus on one on one coaching that is fully tailored for my clients needs.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, please see my service page for more information.
  • What's a discovery call?
    It's a free initial session meant to get to know each other better and make sure we are a great fit to work together. Coaching is an investment for both of us and you want to make sure you're investing wisely. And you want to find someone you can trust to help you. As your coach I want to make sure I can help you. It is a relaxed chat, we'll talk about your situation, your goals, and the challenges you face. I'll also explain how I work and you'll be able to ask me any questions you may have.
  • Why should I work with you?
    I'll not convince you that I'm the right person for you as this is your decision and YOU know what is best for you. What I can tell you though is that I genuinely care. I really care about my clients, what I do and how I do it to make sure you can get the best results YOU want. I'm truly passionate about coaching. Practicing it to its highest standards for a powerful and valuable impact in your life is very important to me. Every session, I'm dedicated to put all my focus, time, energy and expertise on the table with the only intention to get you closer to your goals.
  • How can I know I’ll be successful?
    You need to believe it yourself first. I'll do my best to help, guide and support you but ultimately you've the biggest part to play in your success, this is YOUR LIFE. If there's a will, there's a solution. You've all that you need to make it work and I'll help you. You're about to embark on a transformative journey.
  • What are your qualifications?
    I'm a trained and qualifiied executive coach. I'm accredited with AoEC as an associate executive coach. I'm also a member of the ICF (International coaching Federation). I understand it can sound very technical so to keep it simple, it basicaly means that I'm trained to practice coaching to its best standards. I've a coach, mentor and supervisior myself as I believe in leading by example and be the best coach I can be. Contiunuous learning is a non-negotiable for me to keep growing too. Aside of the above, I've explored and I've been passionate about personal development since the last decade. My personality, approach, knowledge, experience and passion make it my unique offering and service that you won't find anywhere else :)
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