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From frustration to alignment.


For ambitious individuals who want a change in their leadership role, career or business for more meaning, satisfaction and success.

Reprogram your mind for success in 2 steps
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What if you could shift from a place of confusion, fear and procrastination to a place of clarity, confidence and action by just connecting to the power within you?


What if you could take the first step today to be the leader you want to be?

My coaching business exists to inspire and help highly driven individuals, who want to have an impact in the world, tackle their next phase. I support them to navigate the transition with more authenticity, positivity and ease.


My job's to help you find your own formula to be satisfied with your (work) life by knowing yourself better.


A next step that can serve yourself and the world best with a business, career and/or leadership skills aligned with who you are. More meaning, more fulfilment, more fun!

You can see me as your catalyst for positive transformation specialised in clarity and confidence.

Who am I?

I'm Jenn! A trilingual qualified executive coach, high vibe optimist, explorer of the world (and myself) and conscious entrepreneur who wants to see more individuals fulfilled in their (work) lives.

Happier people, happier planet!

I value freedom, authenticity, connection and I truly believe that we all have the power within us to live the lives that we desire.

Is that you?​

  • You're an individual and/or business who want to grow and make things happen.

  • Sometimes uncertainty, self-doubt and/or procrastination get in the way and make you feel stuck.

  • You want to know your strengths and how you could leverage them for more meaning and impact.

  • You lack clarity, confidence and/or a boost to push through and take the next step.

If the answer is yes to one of the above statements,

then yes I'm your person !

Be ready for a transformative journey together.

Now, imagine if your transition and change could be:

  • Clear instead of confused​.

  • Supported instead of lonely.

  • Abundant instead of insufficient.

  • Exciting instead of scary.

  • Fun instead of stressful.

I can help you so that you can achieve your goals faster than you would on your own and with greater ease.

Let's Work Together

Solution focus and mindful approach.

I deliver highly customised coaching services to improve people’s lives and businesses for more alignment, meaning and success.






Mindset, communication, behaviours






Review, reflection,

recognition lessons and achievements

Self-awareness, values, purpose



Strengths, experience, skills

Support, accountability, motivation



Your own formula


1:1 private coaching

For any kind of business leaders

(solopreneurs, founders, established entrepreneurs) looking for:

  • Clarity & Balance

  • Confidence, Motivation & Support

  • Leadership Skill Development & Ownership

for more impact in their leadership roles.


1:1 private coaching

For any kind of highly motivated humans (aspiring business owners, executives, go-getter souls) looking for:

  • Clarity & Purpose

  • Confidence, Motivation & Support

  • Action Plan


for more satisfaction in their professional lives. 


1:1 coaching, workshops, facilitated discussions

For any kind of ambitious startups and small businesses looking for:


  • Vision & Strategy Alignment

  • Team Coaching: Leadership Skills Development & Role Effectiveness

  • Mindfulness & Motivation

for greater performance in their organisations.


Martyna Zygaj


United Kingdom

I would recommend coaching with Jennifer to anybody out there feeling a bit lost about starting their business. It doesn't matter what your business is - Jennifer is able to set you to succeed in whatever you want to do.

Screenshot 2020-02-05 at 20.13.31.png

Anne-Laure Meynier 

Investment Director

United Kingdom

I would recommend coaching with Jennifer to Senior executive / busy C-Suite officers. I think she is excellent with middle level executives willing to progress to the next level and feeling squeezed and struggling with identifying how to best progress into the next level.


Mireia Salazar Fidalgo

Commercial B2B


It's been a great experience and thanks to Jenn, right now, I am a happier person with much more motivation and self-confidence. I've managed to find a job that I like on my own merit and I'm also clear about my goal in the future. Thanks to her I have been able to take those steps that boost me to achieve my dream and happiness, that is priceless!

Nadja Pic.jpg

Nadja Todt

Relationship and Development Manager

United Kingdom

What I can say is that Jenn delivers! She doesn't make any promises, she is humble, and has great experience. She turned her life around and she will be able to help you do the same.

Indecision is a DECISION

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