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Where to start to build a successful business 

A Free Masterclass on How to create more Happiness, Abundance and Freedom in your Life and Business

You want to start a business but:


*You don't know where to start? It's too much, I need an action plan Jenn !

*What if I fail?

*What if I am rejected?

*What if I am not capable?
*What if lose everything? and mostly my stability and money.

Then what happens is confusion, more frustration, going round in your head and no concrete actions.

Deep down I know you want this change BUT... it's soooo scary and imposter syndrome is very well present 😭

You have a business but:

*You don't own what you do so you don't pitch it and therefore no new clients

*You are scared of losing business so you say yes even if you know it's not aligned

*You want to increase your prices but you wonder what's your value and it frustrates and demotivates you

I know you know you have abilities and strengths but it's so hard to recognise and leverage them to gain that confidence you're looking for! 

If any of the above resonated you're at he right place. Don't miss this private masterclass and book your spot now :)

I will explain you the first place to start so that you can gain clarity, confidence, motivation and create your business for more happiness, abundance and freedom.


With Jennifer Herren,
Trilingual Qualified Coach, 
Founder of LET it HAPPEN.

Hi, I’m Jenn! Swiss and Spanish and currently based in London but not for long anymore ;)


Over the past 15 years, I have held various positions in startups and leading multinationals, mainly in international sales (B2B).

I've a journey of a lot of changes and transitions.


After years of frustration in the corporate world, I started my own business and finally found my formula to a very fulfilling life.

I now help entrepreneurial souls do the same to create more freedom, abundance and happiness in their life and business.

In this webinar we will cover

I will connect you to that core, the one and only true source, so that you can build and strengthens your foundations for more happiness, abundance and ultimately impact.

I want to join the Masterclass,
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